The sun is still glowing golden in the sky as the days slowly shorten. The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the lazy warm haze of late summer is wrapping us in warmth. It's time for the first harvest, and to reap the rewards of what we've sown this year. Lughnasadh and Lammas are nearing, giving pause to celebrate and express gratitude for the abundance we've been blessed with. One of my favourite ways to honour the turning of wheel is by listening to music that represents the energies of the season, so I've put together a playlist to celebrate the sun and recognise the gradual transition into the honey-hued shade of autumn.

No playlist for this summer would be complete without Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar, my ultimate go-to for enjoying hot weather and refreshing fruit. Recent TikTok trends have definitely provided inspiration, with songs like Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac and Strawberry Blond by Mitski conjuring images of rolling fields and falling in love. The magic of feeling energised and playfully in love in long, bright days is also woven into these song choices, such as classic The Cure's Just Like Heaven. It would be impossible not to honour the beauty of sunflowers at this time of year, so Sunflower by Vampire Weekend was an obvious choice. My own sunflowers are just starting to bloom, and I'm so excited to see them in their full glory.

Queendom by AURORA and Mantra by Susanne Sundfør celebrate abundance and power. British Sea Power's North Hanging Rock perfectly encapsulates the urge to walk into a cool woodland and lie down until the moss becomes a blanket. Meanwhile, Golden Brown by The Stranglers honours the beauty in the changing colours - although leaves are not the 'golden brown' they're referring to. I've added a couple of Taylor Swift's latest offerings, along with Fleece's recent single Love Song for the Haters. The video follows the yearning love between a flower and a bee, making a sweet nod to our pollinators. I've aimed to weave energy, love, and thriving nature into the playlist, whilst honouring the changing season and slowing pace.

Track List

1. Watermelon Sugar - Harry Styles
2. Electric Feel - MGMT
3. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
4. Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles
5. Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
6. Feels Like Summer - Weezer
7. Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine
8. Just Like Heaven - The Cure
9. Like Real People Do - Hozier
10. Love You For A Long Time - Maggie Rogers
11. Peace Train - Yusuf/Cat Stevens
12. Strawberry Blond - Mitski
13. Sunlight - Hozier
14. Sunflower - Vampire Weekend ft. Steve Lacy
15. Fairytale Lullaby - Bombay Bicycle Club
16. Queendom - AURORA
17. Little Grave - Chelsea Wolfe
18. Mantra - Susanne Sundfør
19. The Beach - Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
20. august - Taylor Swift
21. North Hanging Rock - British Sea Power
22. Strawberry Swing - Coldplay
23. Golden Brown - The Stranglers
24. Everything - City of the Sun
25. Capa Meets the Sun (To Heal) - Underworld
26. Love Song for the Haters - Fleece
27. Skeleton - The Front Bottoms
28. peace - Taylor Swift
29. Hysteric - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
30. Warm Foothills - alt-J

I hope you enjoy listening to this playlist and have a wonderful and blessed Lammas or Lughnasadh, however you're celebrating. What songs are getting you in the mood for first harvest? Let me know!


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