Close to the sparkling beach, through shady trees, is a place where one can befriend trolls and centaurs, and pigs really can fly. Vale Park is a whimsical wonderland where driftwood comes to life and there is magic to discover in every corner. 

Freddie and I visited the fairy garden during a windy afternoon stroll through New Brighton, and even after exploring for a couple of hours, we surely hadn't spotted every curious detail. The park is filled with poetry, art, magical creatures, and beautifully decorated homes for the fair folk.

The residents of Vale Park are diverse and friendly. We met a hill troll called Billy, a witch named Miss Lyla, and a baby dragon named Murphy, among other odd and magical beings. Tree spirits greeted us as we passed, and mermaids waved from their perches. There were gnomes, sea spirits, toads, and unicorns resting in their leafy lodgings.

Ethereal driftwood sculptures welcomed us to play, sit, and touch. We made a wish on a fairy wishing stone, peered behind tiny doors to discover the worlds behind, and took a seat at a table with our new friends. A flying pig offered a celestial ride, whilst a centaur protected the park. Mice asked for help hanging their washing, and a cosy throne was waiting to pause upon.

Vale Park is a tactile, interactive wonderland with enchantment and magic at every turn. The love poured into this community project is palpable, and respect and care for the local environment is evident in each recycled sculpture. I recommend a visit to the woodland dwellers who live at Vale Park, and to keep this much-loved beauty spot thriving. Have you visted a fairy garden this summer?


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