We've switched over to our thick, warm bedsheets, and my alarm has begun rousing me to dark, chilly mornings. I've been wrapped in chunky cardigans and drinking entirely too much hot cocoa (if such a thing exists). Everyone's autumnal content has me daydreaming about my upcoming annual leave and spending it enjoying crisp leaves and crisp air. I've seen a few autumn 'bucket' lists full of simply beautiful ways to spend the season, so of course, I had to put together my own. 

★ Pumpkin Patch - I have never visited a pumpkin patch before, and as an autumn enthusiast, this needs rectifying. There is a pumpkin patch nearby which has giant pumpkins, white 'ghost' pumpkins, and green 'Cinderella' pumpkins, so this year will be the year I finally harvest my own pumpkins from a field rather than a supermarket.  

★ Cemetery photography - Since lockdown has eased, I've been busy back at work, so I've yet to make time for my true love - an afternoon exploring a cemetery, taking photographs, and learning of its history. Cemeteries always have so much to teach us, and I'm long overdue a visit to commune with those long passed. 

★ Ghost walk - Something I try to do at least once a year is take a ghost walking tour somewhere local. Not only am I enchanted by stories of hauntings, but it's a great way to learn about history and life in years gone by. I've found one run by a small company at my favourite cemetery, so I very much hope it is still allowed to go ahead. 

★ Baking & sewing - I adore baking, and simply need to spend more time honing my skills and learning as I go. Unfortunately sewing is something I have been blessed with zero natural skill in, so my previous attempts have been less than enjoyable. I want to be able to sew, to upcycle, create, and tailor, so I must persevere. I think I'll start with learning to sew in a straight line without resembling an octopus trapped in a net.

★ Bygone Times - A chance social media advert alerted me to the existence of Bygone Times, a 17th century wool processing warehouse now functioning as an expansive antiques market and museum. There are vast amounts of vintage, antique, and collectable stalls, a war museum, a functioning Victorian arcade, and a ghost trail on the site. It sounds like a dream, and as it's only a couple of hours away on a train, I'm eager to spend a day exploring.

★ Online learning - I graduated from my Masters degree over a year ago now, but my love of learning hasn't subsided at all. Whilst my bookshelf is predominantly non-fiction, and I'm much happier watching documentaries than most other things, I've decided to spend some time attaining online qualifications. There are so many budget-friendly, certified courses available on anything from mycology to sound healing, so I can satisfy my appetite for knowledge whilst gaining certification in usable skills. 

★ Titanic exhibition - Yes, I've visited this exhibition many times, but every so often my fascination with Titanic and her connection to Liverpool is reignited and I visit again. As a child, my dad used to show me the buildings in Liverpool connected to White Star Line and Titanic, which fostered my fascination from a young age. Titanic history will always be very close to my heart. 

★ Watch Peaky Blinders - I actually watched the first 2 seasons a while ago, but naughtily watched ahead of Freddie. We've formed a truce and decided to start again together and watch it from the beginning. Any excuse for more Cillian Murphy on my screen is fine by me.

★ Linda McCartney Retrospective - I'm very lucky to live close to Liverpool, and one of our wonderful art galleries is hosting an exhibition of Linda McCartney's famed photography. She was prolific, photographing the local music scene, her life with Paul McCartney, and the local area with passion, and I'm very much looking forward to taking a step back into the 1960s in my hometown.

★ Chip at my 'to be read' pile - My TBR pile is growing at an alarming rate, as I've got in a rut with my current read. I'm determined to finish it so I can move on to the other books I've been looking at longingly and hopefully make some headway with this year's reading challenge. What else is autumn for, if not snuggling under a blanket with a book?

Have you made any plans for the season? Or are you taking it slow, crunching some leaves, and letting each day guide you? Either way, autumn is a magical time of year and I hope it is refreshing and restful for us all. 


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