The leaves become crisp and we pull our blankets tighter around us as the Autumn Equinox approaches. A balance is struck briefly between light and dark, before the night wins and evenings grow darker. It's time for Mabon, the second harvest, to give thanks for what we've been given this year, and to prepare for the colder months. 

With this playlist, I've aimed to strike a balance between welcoming Autumn, preparing for the colder portion of the year, and honouring and appreciating hearth and home. Choices like Husavik (My Hometown) by Will Ferrell and My Marianne, and Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson perfectly encapsulate the feeling of being blessed to have a cosy home to return to, whilst AURORA's recent offering, Exist for Love is a beautiful expression of love for the person we come home to. If you've not watched Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, which gave us the breathtaking Husavik, you absolutely must.

I absolutely adore this time of year, and find the death that approaches this season one of the most beautiful parts of the cycle. I've filled this playlist with choices that give homage to my favourite season, such as we fell in love in october by girl in red, Woodland by The Paper Kites, and Forever Autumn by Jeff Wayne from Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds, which is very dear to my heart.

I find autumn and winter a perfect time for introspection and making time for our shadow selves, which I've tried to reflect with pieces such as SPIRAL by Mothica and Become the Beast by Karliene honouring the vulnerable parts of our darkness. Meanwhile, Bad Guy by The Interrupters - a fantastic cover - Goth Babe by Surf Curse, and the ridiculously catchy My Girlfriend is a Witch by October Country tip their hat to the badass side of our darker selves.

I've also added some beautiful instrumental choices, such as Owl Song by Cosmo Sheldrake, which is delightfully haunting, and Autumn, Autumn by Askjell. Songs like Evanescence's new single, Use My Voice and timeless classic Let's Dance to Joy Division by The Wombats give a nod to the current condition of the world, with a hope things get better soon.

Track Listing
1. Bad Guy - The Interrupters
2. Cherry Wine - Hozier
3. In This Shirt - The Irrepressibles
4. Goth Babe - Surf Curse
5. In My Shoes - Eivør 
6. Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode
7. The Secret Garden - AURORA
8. Big Dark World - Will Cookson
9. My Girlfriend is a Witch - October Country
10. SPIRAL - Mothica
11. Diane Young - Vampire Weekend
12. Husavik (My Hometown) - Will Ferrell and My Marianne
13. Exist For Love - AURORA
14. Autumn, Autumn - Askjell
15. Woodland - The Paper Kites
16. Hey Moon - John Maus
17. Become the Beast - Karliene
18. The First of Autumn - Enya
19. Wolf - First Aid Kit
20. Hounds of Love - Kate Bush
21. Let's Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats
22. come out and play - Billie Eilish
23. Forever Autumn - Jeff Wayne
24. we fell in love in october - girl in red
25. Owl Song - Cosmo Sheldrake
26. Use My Voice - Evanescence 
27. Disenchanted - My Chemical Romance
28. Death With Dignity - Sufjan Stevens
29. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
30. Meet Me On The Equinox - Death Cab for Cutie

I hope you enjoy this playlist and have a blessed Mabon and Autumn Equinox, and that you and yours keep safe and cosy. What songs have been carrying you into Autumn? I'd love to hear your recommendations. 


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