Many moons ago, a little girl on a family trip to Llandudno stumbled upon a magick shop. Dragging her parents inside, she was thrilled by the crystals, books, and trinkets packed on each shelf. Her parents agreed to purchase something from the shop, and she settled on a witch kit for children, a book with a 'starter kit' of tools to begin her witchcraft journey.

I remember pouring over that book and trying out the rituals, gleeful to have found something that resonated within me. I put my tiny crystal out under the moon and carried my Horned God and Triple Goddess talisman everywhere. Although as I grew up, I dipped in and out of my witchcraft journey, in recent years I've finally stepped into myself as a witch and a pagan, and it all started with that little shop in Llandudno.

Merrymoon isn't quite the same as my distant childhood memories, and now sits in a new location, at the edge of the bustling town centre. Inside is a treasure trove of celtic jewellery, tarot cards, candles, and music. Something I really appreciated were the 'pick your own' shelves of candles, incense, and essential oils - making a pick n' mix of your own choices is so much more fun (and useful) than multipacks of one colour or scent. 

I chose to purchase some essentials whilst I was there, as I wanted to support a small business that means so much to me whilst remaining mindful of my budget. I picked 11 Wildberry Incense sticks - at 13p each with 1 free for every 10 purchased, they were a bargain. I was excited by their glittery look and unusual scent options like 'Fairy Dust' and 'Ocean Wind', and had a wonderful time picking out the most unique scents. 

I also purchased some coloured spell candles, and a packet of charcoal discs. I was eyeing up some exquisitely embroidered tarot card bags and a gorgeous ceramic bowl painted with goddess symbols, however I had to be sensible with my money. Perhaps I'll treat myself with a future visit. 

Merrymoon also offers reflexology and reiki treatments, and is open 7 days a week to ensure they don't miss a single visitor. Sea air and a trip to a local magick shop are good for the soul, and I feel blessed to have been able to visit Merrymoon and talk to the owner who started my journey two decades ago. Do you have a nice spiritual shop nearby? 


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