I was eager to visit Wellcome Collection on our recent trip to London. As a death aficionado with a chronic illness, a museum and library centred on exploring health sounded like the ideal place to spend a few hours of exploration. Spoiler alert: it was astounding.



My mum always uses tea-tree oil as an antiseptic cure-all for spots, bites, and blemishes; a habit she passed on to me. She's infamous in our family for whipping out a bottle of tea-tree oil the moment she spots a tiny mark. No matter how old we get, she'll still chase us down to dab some on. As a teenager, I used tea-tree infused products to keep acne at bay, and often used witch hazel in my skincare. I'm a long-time fan of essential oil candles, using lavender blends to drift to sleep. I'm no stranger to using essential oils, but I'm no expert either. 



I've been putting a lot of time and effort into witchcraft practise lately. I'm finally in a space where I have the mental energy to do so, and it feels incredible to finally be giving more to something that has been precious to me since childhood. Whilst I've always had small touches of magic weaved into my daily life, something I've not given enough attention to has been the Wheel of the Year. If you know me, you'll know that gratitude is something kept at the forefront of my mind, so as Mabon approached, I focused on the cycle of seasons and took time to give thanks for what Summer has given me, and to let go of what held me back as we all welcomed the darker parts of the year.