I was recently invited to an amazing coffee shop in Aigburth. Space Coffee* not only has the coolest name but is packed with quirky details and most importantly, delicious food, so being invited to try their food was a dream. 

Space Coffee is a stone's throw from Aigburth train station, nestled on a cosy corner. Inside is clean and modern, with brilliantly unusual decoration, such as an adorable robot, and a gnome in a Jason Voorhees mask. The outside area is simply beautiful in the sunlight, with quirky murals, a wall of flowers, and pastel tire piles to be used as tables. There are so many special touches that make Space Coffee such a nice place to be. Outside is dog friendly too, which is always a plus!

For vegan options, Space Coffee can offer you a falafel and hummus wrap, and often their soup of the day is also vegan. I chose to try out the falafel and hummus wrap, as it was exactly what I fancied on such a hot day. Whilst these options weren't the most original, the wrap was delicious. The shredded carrot was crunchy and refreshing, and the falafel and hummus had wonderful, homemade flavour. 

I decided to have a fruit pot after my wrap as that was the only vegan-friendly desert option. It was lovely for such a sunny day! Whilst there isn't a lot of vegan options, it's important to remember that it isn't a vegan coffee shop, but is wonderful for lunch with your omnivorous pals and family. 

For drinks, I couldn't resist fresh orange juice, and more excitingly, a passionfruit iced tea. It was refreshing and thirst-quenching and had a really unusual taste to it. I ended up drinking it on the way home and it was just perfect for summer.

I really loved spending the afternoon with such lovely bloggers at Space Coffee and will definitely be back there soon. Thank you so much to Space Coffee and Charlotte for inviting me!

This blog post contains samples, experiences, and/or products gifted by brands. This has no effect on my opinion. For more information, including what happens to non-vegan/cruelty-free products gifted, see my disclaimer. 

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