When Pnk Lettuce said they'd like to send me something, I had no idea what to expect. I knew they made brillianty swear-y jewellery, but that gives a lot of scope for surprise! I was so excited for my package from them to arrive, to see what stylish hilarity lay inside.

Pnk Lettuce are a women-run, handmade jewellery brand, who make pieces with the sentiments we all really want on our jewellery. No word is too taboo, and if you can't find the exact naughty-worded message you're looking for, they'll be happy to make you a custom piece. I really love that they made everything from complete scratch, including the stamping and the finish, so every piece is unique and has a personal touch. Whether it's displaying your affiliation to the 'bad bitch club', or warning the world that you're 'fresh out of fucks', Pnk Lettuce have the brutally honest accessory for you. Oh, and if you're wondering, 'pink lettuce' is slang for labia.

Pnk Lettuce were kind enough to send me this perfectly apt 'resting bitch face' bangle* in silver. The thing I noticed immediately was that Pnk Lettuce pay attention to the details. My bangle arrived in beautiful, blogger-worthy marble-look packaging, stamped with their logo on the lid. Inside I found the bangle, carefully padded, with a branded polishing cloth tucked neatly inside along with a care guide to keep my jewellery in excellent condition. 

My bangle is just wonderful. The stamping is flawless and clear, and it is beautifully polished. The size is absolutely perfect for my small wrists, and can be stretched out to fit larger wrists too. I just love that they chose 'resting bitch face' for me, because it really does fit me to a T. I'm a bubbly, friendly person but when I'm caught off-guard, everyone thinks I'm annoyed or miserable! This also gave my mum a giggle as we'd recently had a family-wide conversation about how we're all afflicted by major RBF. One of my absolute favourite things about it, is the tiny middle-finger stamped right by the opening. It's so cute and funny, and makes me smile whenever I look at it! 

I am defintely a big fan of Pnk Lettuce. I love a women-owned small business, so add in the swearing and the bold attitude they exude, and I'm all in! Their attention to detail really make you feel cared for as a customer, and makes recieving a package from them extra special. They've definitely become one of my go-to for gifts now! What's your ideal sweary jewellery slogan? Let me know in the comments!


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