We all know I adore a good facemask, so imagine my joy when Seatox offered to let me try out their Kelp Help* powder to make some facemasks with? I was beyond excited. They truly unleashed my self-care fanatic and I had so much fun trying out different recipes to share with you! 

Seatox are an absolutely wonderful company, and make products using sustainably wild-harvested seaweed from the Irish coast. Everything they make is completely vegan, cruelty free, natural, and organic. Not only that, but they send everything in recycled packaging, and donate £1 from each product sale to the Irish Seal Rescue to give back to the ocean they take from. They even emailed me the letter to accompany my package instead of using more paper to print. Seatox are an ethical skincare dream!

Kelp Help is full of natural goodness for the skin. It contains retinol, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as well as vitamin E, which reduces blemishes. It also has magnesium which holds many benefits for skin cells, so can improve the overall appearance of the skin. These aren't the only benefits of Kelp Help, but we'd be here all day and I'm in no way a skincare expert! 

Making the face masks from the powder is half of the fun, and I had a whale of a time (pardon the pun) trying out different recipes. A little goes a long way, and each bag could make around 8 face masks. At £8.95 per bag, that works out at around £1 per face mask! The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was the absolutely delightful smell. Unsurprisingly, it smells just like the sea, which makes me so happy. The seaside is one of my happy places, which makes it just perfect for a relaxing face mask. If Seatox could make a candle that smells just like this, I'd be in heaven! 

The Basic
1 tablespoon of Kelp Help, 3-5 tablespoons of lukewarm water, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. 

For my first face mask, I decided to stick to the basics. I followed the instructions sent to me by Seatox, and made this simple face mask with Kelp Help powder, water, and coconut oil. This made a brilliantly bright green and delightfully seaside smelling facemask. I found the texture quite unusual, as it was a little bit gritty and didn't really 'stick' to my face. It did leave my face soft and hydrated, if a little greasy-feeling. Seatox did advise that it can take some experimenting to get the texture right, and I don't think I quite managed it first try!

The Banana
1 tablespoon of Kelp Help, 3-5 tablespoons of lukewarm water, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1/2 a banana. 

My second attempt was perfect, and this is definitely going to be my go-to in future! It had a much thicker texture, stuck to my face far better, and left my face feeling baby-soft and far brighter. The addition of banana was definitely a good choice. Plus it smelled nothing short of divine. This was by far the best attempt, and I will definitely be making this again soon!

The Deluxe
1 tablespoon of Kelp Help, 2-3 tablespoons of lukewarm water, 2 tablespoons of oat milk, 1/2 a banana, 1 tablespoon of merula oil.

Honestly, this attempt was a bit of a fail. I made it far too liquidy so it just slid off my face, and it didn't smell as nice at all. The ingredients did seem to do my skin a lot of good, but I think I need to do more experimenting with the consistency. It was a lot of fun making it though! 

I'll definitely be repurchasing Kelp Help to make my amazing banana concoction again, and to have more fun experimenting with different ingredients like avocado or rose oil! If you'd like to get your hands on some, you can use the code BLOGGERGIFT for 10% off on the Seatox website (not affiliate)! Enjoy! 


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  1. I really love face masks, will have to check this one out for my next pamper night. 💜

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