It's the 49th annual Earth Day this year. Even though I've spent the day cooped up inside in an attempt to chip away at my university work, I find Earth Day an important time for some much-needed reflection. Earth Day started with a huge and brilliantly effective protest against the devastating effects of industrial development, and has since snowballed into a yearly day of action against climate change. Whether you're signing a petition or writing to your MP, volunteering at a community clean-up or joining a protest, there's a million ways to join in with Earth Day. Today, I've decided to make some promises to our beautiful planet.

1. Continue working towards a zero-waste home. 
When we moved into our new house, Freddie and I decided to make our home as low-waste as we possibly can. We've already switched to lots of plastic-free options and been meticulous with disposing of our waste in the most environmentally friendly ways, but there's still lots we want to do. We want to start a compost bin, and need to swap some lightbulbs to lower-energy, among other things. Making your home low-waste is a constant work-in-progress and something we're very much committed to. 

2. Join in with some eco-volunteering. 
I'm promising to myself and Earth that I'm going to give more of my time to volunteer for the environment. I want to participate in beach cleans, outreach events, anything else I can get involved in to encourage people to do more for our home. It's so disheartening to see litter strewn everywhere, and if I can help mitigate the damage we're causing, I will. 

3. Make a garden.
Our new home has a concrete yard, so Freddie and I are saving up some money to turn it into a beautiful garden. We're going to plan it out so it's a welcoming outside space, not just for us, but for bees and other critters. We want it full of wildflowers and plants, possibly with some vegetables growing too. A well-planned garden is a huge way to make your home more eco-friendly, and it's one of the things I'm most excited to do this summer! 

4. Purchase more ethical fashion choices.
Fast-fashion is devastating the environment, and until recently, was something I was making a colossal contribution to. I've decided to make a huge effort to reduce my purchases of unethical and unsustainable fashion, by buying only what I need from ethical brands or second-hand wherever possible. Unfortunately, being a plus-sized woman, it's really hard to find certain items (like bras) from sustainable brands, so I can't promise that my purchases will be 100% Earth-friendly, but I can promise to do my best.

5. Continue with eco and vegan advocacy. 
Continuing with advocacy in a positive way is really important. If it helps just one person make some changes towards living more gently, then it's worth it. Advocacy is of massive importance to me, especially when it comes to leading by example. Sometimes making lifestyle changes can seem intimidating and unachievable, and advocacy is important to show people that living a low-impact life can be far more attainable than it seems. 

Earth Day has been a lovely day of reflection and recharging for me, and making these promises has filled me with new invigoration and drive to continue doing whatever I can for this special planet. Have you done anything special today? Have you made any promises?


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