Having experienced the horror of 90% of my skincare and regular makeup running out simultaneously, I decided to take the opportunity to revamp my routine and cut down on my plastic use. Previously, I'd been using a lot of Faith in Nature for my skincare, but it wasn't working that well for my skin, and it still came in plastic packaging - albeit recyclable. I'm lucky enough to live near the biggest Lush store in the world, so set my heart on a visit there to fix my skincare woes. If anywhere can help cut down on pimples and plastic, it's Lush. 

My two plastic-free wins were the Trix Stick Concealer and Fresh Farmacy Soap. Fresh Farmacy is a fabulous face soap, and a new staple in my morning shower routine. The blend of oils, including lavender which I love, promises to balance and calm irritated skin, with the added bonus of calamine powder to combat excess oil. Fresh Farmacy forms a gentle, fine lather and leaves my face feeling squeaky clean and fresh. It gives a thorough cleanse, and the gentle floral scent is a delightful way to start the day. 

I'm someone who doesn't often deviate from my makeup staples; if something is working for me, then I stick to it. That being said, my usual concealer was from a brand I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable supporting, so it was time to try something new. Trix Stick Concealer is perfect for the job. I've only used it a couple of times but it gives excellent, lasting coverage even in the summer heat, and will definitely be my go-to concealer in future. 

I'd initially set my sights on a naked cleansing bar for removing my makeup in the evening, like Sleepy Face or Like a Virgin, but actually opted for a product in a plastic tub instead. I couldn't resist the allure of trying out Ultraplant - the Liverpool-exclusive, vegan-friendly sister to cult-favourite Ultrabland. I was a major fan of Ultrabland in my pre-vegan days, so I was desperate to see if Ultraplant measures up, and it definitely does! It leaves the skin feeling soft, clean, and moisturised, thanks to the gorgeous blend of oils it holds. Whilst it was a plastic tub I could have forgone, I'm a bit more comfortable buying recyclable plastics from Lush. We can never truly be sure where the plastic we put in our recycling bins will end up, but Lush has a wonderful, transparent recycling scheme for their pots. We can cleanse easy knowing the fate of their iconic black tubs. 

I decided to try out Imperialis as a moisturiser, as I'm someone who loves a multi-purpose moisturiser for morning and evening. I wanted something to compliment my relentlessly sensitive, combination skin without being so oily that my makeup would slide off. Imperialis is perfect for me, packed with Brunello lily, lavender, elderflower, and more to keep my skin soothed and refreshed. The scent is oddly medicinal, but delightful, and has me looking forward to applying it. My only criticism is that it's quite runny and gets messy in the lid of the pot quite easily, but it's a small sacrifice for such a lovely product.

I also grabbed a bottle of Breath of Fresh Air, my staple toner water. As someone who's grown up near the coast, I cannot get enough of that salty sea air, so to have it bottled into a refreshing spray is a dream. Again, it's ideal for sensitive and combination skin, with rose absolute and seaweed to keep irritation calmed and fresh. It's perfect for summer as it's gorgeously cooling, and I will never get enough of the seaside scent. 

I've got a little way to go to eliminate plastic from my skincare regimen, but I'm happy with the products I've chosen this time. I'll try a naked cleanser in place of Ultraplant in future, and I'm now keen to try more of their plastic-free makeup options! Lush are a really great place to start if you want to eliminate single-use plastic from your skincare routine, and if you want to move towards more natural, sustainable products in general. Are there any sustainable skincare products you can't live without? 


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  1. Love this blog post darling, I adore that so many people are taking part in "Plastic Free July!" 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com