After a social media advert piqued my curiosity, I recently found myself visiting Leeds with Freddie. He'd wanted to take me after visiting himself, and upon discovering that the Catit Playground UK event was happening, we decided to make a day of it. As we only had an afternoon, we tried to fit as much in as possible, and managed to explore quite a lot of the city. 

Catit Playground // The catalyst to our travels, the Catit Playground was a lot of fun. We got to coo over kittens from Yorkshire Cat Rescue, take purikura-style photos, and see the Catit products in action. We were generously given a goodybag full of toys and treats to take home to Rocky, and had the chance to meet Bob of A Street Cat Named Bob fame. Unfortunately the queue was quite long so we said our goodbyes to the precious kittens, and wandered into the city centre. 

Markets // Whilst Leeds is famed for its shopping and indoor market spaces, we didn't realise there were artisanal market stalls outside. We were delighted to find stalls of art, crystal jewellery, food, sculpture, and other handcrafted delights. Naturally, we couldn't resist stopping, and we did buy a piece for our gallery wall, and a necklace for me. 

Leeds Cathedral // Although Leeds Cathedral wasn't open to visitors when we arrived, it was beautiful to see. We spent some time admiring and photographing the neo-Gothic architecture, and only wished we could have explored inside. For a cathedral on such a small plot of land, it has a huge presence in the city. 

Leeds City Museum // Leeds City Museum was full of interesting exhibits. I (obviously) adored the natural history section, and their feature on the history of artifact collecting was full of wonderful curios, including a beautiful sculpture and charming moa skeleton. I also found the floor dedicated to 'Ancient Worlds' fascinating, as it was filled with history and artifacts of daily life, deities, and death culture in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman society. In today's political climate, their exhibition on the story of immigration to Leeds was particularly poignant, highlighting the struggles and hard work of people arriving in Leeds through touching personal stories. 

Leeds City Library // We decided to have a brief wander into Leeds City Library, as we'd heard the architecture inside was particularly grand. The staircases framed sculptures and tiled floors, and the ceilings and stone archways supporting the building were gorgeous. We unexpectedly found ourselves in an art gallery during our exploration, as the two are connected internally. 

Leeds Art Gallery // Having accidentally discovered Leeds Art Gallery, we decided to look around at the enchanting art pieces on display. I was particularly thrilled to find a 'Black Phillip' lookalike, and loved seeing works by Antony Gormley, having grown up near his famed 'Another Place' piece. 

Shopping // It wouldn't have been a trip to Leeds without having a stroll around the shops, and having never had chance to visit a HomeSense before, I was incredibly excited to see their Halloween collections. I am undeniably guilty of buying many scented candles. We also came across a gigantic animatronic tyrannosaurus rex, as one would expect in a shopping centre.

Yo!Sushi // I'd love to say we went to a local, independent restaurant, but most vegan-friendly places we found closed early on a Sunday. After a long day of walking, we couldn't resist the allure of a tofu katsu curry. We were happy to try the chocolate pot and limited edition ice-cream mochi, and definitely left full and happy. We also bumped into Kim-Joy from Great British Bake-Off 2018, which was incredibly cool!

Have you visited Leeds, or spent a busy afternoon somewhere special? Where are your must-see spots? 


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  1. It sounds and looks like you both had a great good time sweetheart. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x | www.alishavalerie.com

  2. Lovely post :) It sounds like you both had the most awesome day! Awww the Catit Playground event looks amazing!! <3 Wow, I definitely need to visit the Leeds City Museum some day :D How cool haha I love Black Phillip too! Omg a dinosaur in the shopping centre!? Now that's something I definitely need to see... You've inspired me to plan a trip to Leeds! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey