Caernarfon is buzzing with thriving independent businesses, and it's wonderful to see a town with such a strong local economy. Whilst Caernarfon is a town built on history and tradition, its small businesses and local shops are forward-thinking and lead the way in supporting artists, reducing waste, and reviving vintage. I could have spent hours exploring, and there are some shops I'll definitely revisit on my next trip.

Porth Mawr Jewellers & The Book Cave // Porth Mawr Jewellers is a small jewellers, tucked into the corner of a cobbled street. They sell gorgeous vintage jewellery, along with locally sourced pieces, making their little shop a treasure trove of unique and often celtic-inspired designs. Follow the winding staircase hidden in the back corner, and you'll find yourself in The Book Cave. The Book Cave is exactly what is says on the tin; a basement filled with secondhand books. If you love unusual and vintage books as much as I do, it's a must-visit. The gentleman who owns it will happily talk about his collection, help you find books you'll enjoy, and has several other locations he can direct you to. Porth Mawr Jewellers looks like a standard small jeweller from the outside, but inside is an Aladdin's cave to be explored. 

Palas Print // Palas Print is the bookshop of dreams. I can't resist a local bookshop, and Palas Print has a collection to die for. Palas Print is full of Welsh and English books about nature, history, and politics, in addition to a fantastic range of novels. It was my idea of heaven, especially when I found a book from my wishlist for a bargain price. It's like it was meant for me. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is a reminder of why independent bookshops are so special. 

Studio Pablo // Step into Studio Pablo, and you'll be entering a haven of music-inspired art. Steve Pablo Jones is a musician and artist, and his studio radiates his love for his crafts. Breathtaking portraits of musical heroes like David Bowie and Amy Winehouse adorn the walls, alongside beautiful landscapes and his precious guitars. A pristine Harley Davidson stands among the art. If you're a creative, you'll love a look around Studio Pablo, and if you're lucky, he'll be around to chat!

Lotti & Wren // Lotti and Wren is a wonderland of art and quirky gifts by small brands. It houses a perfectly curated collection of everything from clothing to home decor and wellbeing products in delightfully whimsy designs. They have gifts from space themed temporary tattoos to botanical posters, and everything in between, including notepads with boob illustrations and knitted pirates! I was really happy to see that they had a collection basket for donations of period products, a cause I find incredibly important. A local business functioning as a one-stop shop for small artists and indie brands is always a must-visit. 

Petalau Pert // If quaint, hole-in-the-wall plant shops bring you joy, then Petalau Pert is a must-visit. A small space crammed with plants and floral arrangements simply sings to my heart. The displays are adorable, and make perfect use of the small space. Bringing a plant home is an ideal memento of a trip to the Welsh coast, so I'd definitely recommend visiting Petalau Pert. 

Y Gist Ddillad // I adore Y Gist Ddillad. Selling 'lightly used designer', Y Gist Ddillad is full of expertly selected fashion picks, without putting your money into fast fashion. Y Gist Ddillad focuses on flowing fabrics, natural materials, and bold, yet timeless pieces. I could easily have spent all day in there, and will definitely be visiting in September when their winter collection is available. The shop is a gorgeous boutique, with pieces displayed by colour, beautiful mirrors, and a magnificent changing room. Between the attention to detail and the personal service, you'll feel incredibly special after a trip here. 

Do you visit local businesses on your journeys? What's been your favourite find? 


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