In all of my wisdom, I've decided to grow out both my pixie cut and my hair dye at the same time. Overnight, I decided that instead of short, black hair, I want long, flowing tresses. I've got a forest witch fantasy in mind, and I'm determined to achieve it. 

I left my hair to grow out for 12 weeks before seeing my hairdresser, and it got pretty horrific. It was unkempt (and not in the cool way), and incredibly difficult to style. It felt masculine, which isn't me at all, and didn't even slightly suit me. I can honestly say I hated it. I've grown my hair from short to long before, and I do not remember the 'not a pixie but not a bob' phase being so difficult! It was really affecting my confidence so I was eager to get it shaped (and for it to hurry up and grow!).

To help it grow, I've been using rosemary oil. Whilst it's too early to say if it's effective or not, it's at least making me feel like I'm doing something to achieve my dream hair, and it's definitely improving the condition. The first time I grew my hair from a pixie cut, I used a hair growth shampoo that worked wonders, but unfortunately it isn't vegan. I've recently bought some of the cruelty free and vegan 'Grown Long' range by Umberto Gianni to give it a boost, so I'm hoping this gets good results. 

I've also been keeping up with my regular vitamins. I take vitamin D daily as I'm deficient, but this may also help keep my hair follicles healthy and prevent hair loss. I also take Floravital, which contains Iron, B2, B6, B12, and vitamin C. Iron and B vitamins help with blood flow and oxygen supply, ensuring a healthy scalp, whilst vitamin C protects hair from free radicals and helps the body create collagen which is vital for hair growth. I've noticed a huge difference in my hair and nails since taking Floravital, so I'm certain it is helping me to grow my hair to the fairytale lengths I'm dreaming of.

Once it became unbearable to wait any longer, I went to my wonderful hairdresser for some advice and to neaten it up. She advised that we trim the back and sides short again, to allow the top to catch up before I start growing it out fully. It's not my favourite haircut, and I feel like I've lost a lot of my growth progress, but I trust my hairdresser to keep my hair looking its best during this process. I'm back to my 100% natural colour at the back and sides, and I know in another 8 weeks, my hair will be long enough all over to start growing it out properly.  While I wait, I'll just keep adding to my Pinterest board of hair inspiration.


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