January was a sluggish month, wasn’t it? Once the hubbub of festivity had died down and I realised that all of my grand plans for this year won’t happen overnight, I found myself feeling a tad listless and desperate for some spark back. Now February has finally arrived, I can look back and see that a quieter start to the year has given me ample space to reflect before diving into the deep end with poorly thought-out plans.

Whilst this year is the time I start spending more sensibly and putting more effort into shaking off the student overdraft, I have indulged myself with a few treats. With every spend, I’ve been taking the time to decide if it’s something I truly want and will get use from. I’ve saved more, and only bought things I cherish and appreciate.

Vintage Blouse | @SaraPaca

@SaraPaca runs a gorgeous depop shop of vintage and second-hand alternative fashion. I’d been eyeing up a few pieces, and desperately wanted a lacey, vintage blouse, so I couldn’t resist purchasing this in her January sale. She was kind enough to combine a few discounts to get me the best price, and I now have the Edwardian-esque blouse of my dreams. I’ve happily made an exception to my mostly black wardrobe so I can pretend that I live in an antique photograph. I feel glam as hell in it.

Solstice Tarot Reading | Witch Cake

The marvellous Holly Cassell was offering single-card readings for winter solstice, and as I adore her writing and magical guidance, I booked my space immediately. Her reading provided the reminder I needed to control my enthusiasm, and to focus on what matters rather than trying to do everything at once. This felt particularly poignant to me as I often attempt too much and become frustrated with my chronically ill body for not keeping up. Holly found the perfect balance between stern, soothing, and illuminating, and I’m incredibly grateful for her skill and wisdom.  

Vintage Silver Locket | Third Eye of Newt

Third Eye of Newt are a delightful and cleverly named jewellery seller on Etsy. They make delicate handcrafted floral necklaces and have curated a collection of charming and quirky vintage silver. As smitten as I was with their more whimsical offerings, I fell completely in love with this traditional locket. I love simplistic, timeless pieces and this was exactly what my jewellery collection was missing.

Ologies Podcast | Alie Ward

I am obsessed with listening to podcasts. If I’m alone, there’s a 90% chance I’m listening to a podcast about ghosts, death, or witchcraft. When I stumbled across Ologies, it sang to my little scientist heart. It’s a podcast by science communicator Alie Ward, in which she interviews the ‘ologists’ of the world. Alie gets into every corner of the universe’s passions and expertise, showing us that if it exists, there’s an expert in it somewhere. Every episode is fascinating, inspiring, and enchanting, and I’ve listened to nothing else for weeks.

January, although slow, has felt like a desperately needed moment of recharging and grounding. What have you enjoyed this month? Have you got plans now the new year is in motion?


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